• Ingenico iWL220B
  • Ingenico iWL250G

The Ingenico iWL220B is a highly reliable wireless POS terminal, even under heavy volumes. It is equipped with more memory than most other competitor models, and it includes the IP diagnostics application. The colour-coded port labels simplify service and support, and its exceptional design and ease of use reduces input errors and training. The iWL220B is designed to be completely secure for all transaction types.

Ease of Use

The Ingenico iWL220B is the ultimate solution for restaurants and retailers looking for payment portability. This portable POS terminal can be carried up to 200 meters from its base.

The Ingenico iWL250G is a state-of-the-art long range wireless debit and credit card terminal. The compact ergonomic design provides easy transport and the extra long life battery ensures that you have enough power to get through even the busiest day.

Ease of Use

This all-in-one mobile payment terminal features an internal PIN pad and fast thermal printer allowing you/your business to accept credit, PIN debit and gift cards anywhere you need. The compact, hand held design with a long battery life provides convenient and easy mobile payment acceptance.

Hardware Specifications




High-Speed Internet (through ethernet network cable)

Dial-Up (phone line)

Can be used as Primary or Backup

Bluetooth Wireless Range

Up to 200 Meters

Terminals Per Communication Base

Up to 5 Units (using Ethernet)

Card Reader

EMV (Chip-Card) Reader

NFC (Tap & Pay) Reader

Magnetic Stripe

Manually Keyed


Optional Customer Tip Prompts

Amount, Percentage & Tip Recommendations

Amount, Percentage & Tip Recommendations

Clerk / Server IDs and Reports


Battery Type

Lithium-Ion 2050mAh – 3.6V

Lithium-Ion 2050mAh – 3.6V

Battery Life

72 Hours Idle – 150 Transactions

72 Hours Idle – 150 Transactions

Thermal Printer

Printer Speed

30 Lines per Second

30 Lines per Second

Paper Rolls

2-1/4″ Thermal Paper – 60

2-1/4″ Thermal Paper – 60

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